Step by Step: The MORE American Dreams (MAD) Journey


WHAT: Over the next six months, wearing a top hat and carrying his ‘Looking For The American Dream’ banner, photographer/artist Andrzej (Andy) Liguz will travel the back roads of America from Portland to Austin to New Orleans to NYC to Chicago to Burning Man and points in-between, capturing in pictures, words and video who and what he discovers as he learns how the American people see themselves, their lives, their dreams and their reality.

 Blog posts by Andrzej with photographs and videos of those he meets on the road will be distributed here daily. Every Friday Andrzej will post a multimedia recap on, and you can follow the journey in real time via the More American Dreams Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #moreamericandreams. All this content and more will subsequently populate a multi-part TV series and book.

SUPPORT THE DREAM: Andrzej will be working hard to give voice and do justice to the wide range of individuals he’ll be encountering, and with his proven eye and hungry ears he’ll document and share their dreams. As you can imagine, an ambitious cross country endeavor such as this is costly. If you’d like to donate towards the project you can do so here.


WHO: Born in England to Polish parents, Andrzej Liguz started hitch-hiking  with his brother at age eleven and on his own at thirteen. At twenty-two he hitch-hiked from Greece to Berlin with $40.00. He’s lived (worked/had apts) in fifteen cities across six countries (UK, Holland, Berlin, Greece, USA & Australia) and collected an Australian passport to go with his English one. And has chosen to live in America for the last 9 years.

When he was twenty-four he found his first camera at a bus stop and from age twenty-seven, has worked consistently as a professional photographer shooting editorial, music, corporate and advertising photography for Rolling Stone (including covers), Esquire, Business Week, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Universal Music, Sony Ericsson  etc.. He also devoted much of the last twenty-five years to creating giant interactive installations and events that explore the connections between art and recycling.

Photographs and video interviews of those he meets on the road will be distributed here in real time and via social media. Every Friday Andrzej will post a multimedia recap on All this content and more will subsequently populate a multi-part TV series and book.

YOUWhat is YOUR American Dream? Please contribute your own 200-word American Dream, in the By The People section.