Step 1: NY, NYC. Taking Longer To Leave Than Planned

Lower East Side

To my surprise I find myself still in NYC. It’s taken longer than planned to organize my life and actually leave. And I’ve been doing some photography for a large scale art project I hope to do later this year. I moved out of my apartment at the end of January and have been staying down the road in the Lower East Side at my friend Estrella’s apartment. As she is the Director of Tropical Diseases For Doctors Without Borders aka Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF), she has the coolest job title of anybody I’ve ever met and is currently away in Africa dealing with the Ebola crisis. Tough gig. So¬†in the meantime I am subletting her apartment and getting my s**t together¬†prior to my permanent departure from Gotham Central. The mighty Nick from Rockstar Revolution painted this banner for me to take on my journey in search of the American Dream.

Still in NYC, looking for the American Dream

Still in NYC, looking for the American Dream


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